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What is there to "DO" Down East?

Core Sound Waterfowl
Museum & Heritage Center
Are you interested in the local history surround Down East?
Then you need to visit Core Sound Waterfowl Museum & Heritage Center.   
The museum "stands as a testament to the determination of the Down East people"  who "share the vision of preserving and protecting the heritage of Core Sound.  You will see samples of and authentic fishing boats, bird carvings, local history of the thirteen communities that comprise Down East.  It's a great experience for the whole family!  The Museum is "at the end of the road" on Harkers Island at 1785 Island Road, Harkers Island, NC  28531.  They are right beside Cape Lookout National Seashore Park Visitor Center.
Saltwater, boating, fishing, and, of course, KAYAKING!  The waters in the sounds along the shores of Down East are the most pristine and beautiful waters in the state.  If you want to really enjoy the local waters, experience life in the ecosystems, and see a wild variety of wildlife, then you need to go kayaking! Down East Kayaks offers kayak rentals as well as tours.  They will deliver your kayaks to your launch point or to your home/vacation rental.  Give them a call at  252-838-1336 or visit for their website for more information. 
Cape Lookout
National Seashore
Take a three-mile boat ride across Back Sound and you will find yourself on the barrier islands of Cape Lookout National Seashore. 
On the island, you can watch the horses, go shelling, fishing, birding, or even camping!  The lighthouse is now open to climb and you can tour the historic villages.  There is something for everyone at Cape Lookout!Begin your journey at the Visitors Center located at the end of Harkers Island -
131 Charles Street, Harkers Island, NC  28531 
Need a ferry to get to
Cape Lookout?
There are several passenger ferries available on Harkers Island to take you to Cape Lookout throughout the day. 

The list of ferries is below.  Their websites are listed.  You can call for more information.

Calico Jacks located at 1698 Island Road, Harkers Island.
Cape Pointe located at 1390 Island Road, Harkers Island.
Harkers Island Fishing Center at 1001 Island Road, Harkers Island.
Local Yokel located at 516 Island Road, Harkers Island.

There's more to Core Banks  - -
Want a visit Core Banks or ~
~ Great Island?  Get in some camping?
Want to enjoy the slow life?  Like to hear the ocean waves breaking on the shore?  How about the rustic life? And fishing, of course!  Check out the ferries that depart from Davis Shore and Atlantic that take you to this wonderful experience!

Leaving from Davis ~
    Davis Ferry at 148 Davis Road, Davis, NC 
    Cape Lookout Ferry, Cabins and Camps located at
    125 Grady Davis Lane, Davis, NC

Leaving from Atlantic ~
    Morris Marina Kabins, Kamps and Ferry Service at 1000 Morris  
   Marina Road, Atlantic, NC
Outer Banks Riding Stables

Riding horses along the shores of Cedar Island is just a few miles away.  The tours are guided and no experience is necessary! 

Fishing Charters

Fishing Down East can be a great experience.  And whether you have experience or not - you will have a great time going with a fishing charter.  Each charter boat provides opportunities to catch a wide variety of fish and will make sure you have the time of your life!  Check out the many different guides that area available Down East!

Blue Collar Custom Charters
James G. Salter    Phone:  252-728-7479
Open 24 ft Carolina Skiff
Leaves from Roses Basin/Vacation Rentals
287 Bayview Drive, Harkers Island, NC

Mountmaker Charters
Chris Kimrey        Phone:  252-729-1563 or 252-342-0464
For more information, see his website: mountmakerscharters or customsaltwatertaxidermy

Native Guide Service
Bryan Goodwin       Phone:  252-725-3961
Check out his website:  Nativeguide

Noah's Ark Fishing Charters
Noah Lynk       Phone:  252-504-3139 or 252-342-6911
For more info, go to:  Noahs Ark Fishing Charters
Diving Charters

Poseydon Dive Center can be found at 957 Harkers Island Road.  Visit their website for more about information about charters, learning to dive, and renting equipment! 

Find out more information about Outer Banks Riding Stables here.  The stables are located right beside Cedar Island Ferry Terminal.

Down East Kayaks
Come Kayak
With Us!
Shackleford Horses

The Foundation for Shackleford Horses is a North Carolina non-profit corporation and an IRS 501(c)(3) charity.   Their mission is to protect and preserve the horses. 

The Foundation for Shackleford Horses is a North Carolina non-profit corporation and an IRS 501(c)(3) charity.   Their mission is to protect and preserve the horses.   Carolyn Mason, of Bettie, has been instrumental in preserving the history, lineage, and care of the horses.  Those horses needing rehabilitation are housed in Bettie where Carolyn and other volunteers work with them daily.

For more information regarding the horses and to arrange a visit with Carolyn in Bettie, go to the website,, which is a tremendous source of information.

Lucky Ducks Guide Service
& Lodging

"Waterfowl Gunning At Its Best!"

"Lucky Ducks Guide Service & Lodging is located at 104 Old River Road in Bettie.  You can contact Bernie & Velvet at 252-723-8711 or 252-732-0292.  Bernie Corwin is a USCG licensed Master Captain with 40+ years experience as a waterfowl guide.  His knowledge of gunning and decoying waterfowl will significantly add to the enjoyment of your hunting experience.

Sites for hunting include North River, Harkers Island and Core Banks.